From the Gallery Series: The Color Red


20" x 16"
Oil Painting on Canvas

Curtis Verdun
2004, Signed by the artist

"Jovial", almost a minimalist work, in spite of it's seemingly simplicity, offers interesting textures within an interesting composition. The colors are subtle but offer more than the digital image can replicate.

This knife painting diverges from Curtis' usual work but it does contain similar knife textures as his other abstract paintings.

Shipping for this artwork is available to US and international destinations and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee of the purchase price. For questions or comments about "Jovial" or to commission a similar work, contact Curtis Verdun at

"Painting, like music, has nothing to do with the reproduction of nature, nor interpretation of intellectual meanings. Whoever is able to feel the beauty of colors and forms has understood nonobjective painting."

Hilla Rebay

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