Galerie Verdun, Fine Art Gallery
Galerie Verdun, Fine Art Gallery
Art is the only means by which one soul can truly touch another.

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Our Featured Artists

Curtis Verdun - Art by Abstraction

Read Curtis Verdun's biography and artist statement

"All great art is due to the abstraction process."

Fully embracing this idea, Curtis recreates or reassembles the exciting and inspiring images he sees around him. From the cold flat surface of his canvas, he slowly brings them to life. His impasto works offer an astounding and dramatic "rhythm of texture" and powerful color compositions.

Curtis uses painting knives almost exclusively for all his recent abstract and landscape paintings. They offer the artist the means by which he achieves such intense textures as well as smooth tonal transitions.

Being very creative and free-thinking, Curtis has also developed a wildly original series of paintings incorporating a hexagonal format. These amazing one-of-a-kind hexagon and cube series are a very unique and exciting addition to our gallery.

Quincy Verdun - Abstract and Figurative Works

Read Quincy Verdun's biography and artist statement Being an excellent draftsman, as evidenced by his many fine sculptures and drawings, and with a keen sense of color and form, Quincy creates rather distinctive abstract and figurative paintings. Many of his images have some degree of surrealism, capturing your attention away from the dreamy lyrical forms and bold joyous colors. His paintings and drawings are truly one-of-a-kind and are increasingly popular among our collectors.

Be sure to check out his most recent series in the gallery; "Portraits and Figures: Portals to the Soul" hosting an astounding array of exquisite figurative works not to be missed. This series was inspired by the unique figures of Amedeo Modigliani and the fauve colors of Henri Matisse, both of whose works are greatly admired by Quincy.

Leon Verdun - Abstract Paintings

Read Leon Verdun's biography and artist statement Just when you thought abstract expressionism had long been dead and there was nothing new to see, then comes Leon Verdun. His fantastic imagery is wildly refreshing and subtly mesmerizing at the same time. Leon is a master in the medium of oils.

Don't believe me? Enter his gallery and explore a whole new wondrous world through the chromatic syncopation of his breathtaking abstract paintings. These works feature carefully orchestrated color harmonies and intriguing compositions. The imagery will mesmerize any viewer.

Various passages in his paintings appear effortless mysteriously complex. Leon has painstakenly developed his own specialized techniques, originally in acrylics and then in oils, in order to produce these remarkable works.


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This site features the original fine art paintings of three artists/brothers. Their work as fine artists is known and appreciated around the world, published as fine art posters and sought after by numerous art collectors.

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Galerie Verdun, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
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