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Fiery Horizon, Original Abstract Art, Oil Painting by Leon Verdun Mother with Child, Original Oil Painting by Quincy Verdun The Interpolator, Original Abstract Art, Oil Painting by Curtis Verdun

Fine Original Oil Paintings, Abstract Art and Giclee Canvas Prints

Giclee Canvas Prints

We offer giclee canvas prints of many of the original oil paintings by our three artist brothers. These premium giclee prints are produced on Epson printers using pigment-based archival inks. Also, rather than being stretched on cheap strainers as most other canvas giclees are, our canvas prints are stretched on true heavy-duty stretcher bars hand-crafted by Fat Canvas, which come with keys and can be retensioned if necessary. They are gallery-wrapped and the edges are painted black so framing is optional.

Every giclee canvas print is shipped in it's own reusable, puncture-resistant, protective shipping case to safeguard your purchase. This protective case comes in very handy when moving residences or simply transporting the artwork.

Original Oil Paintings

Today, many artists have turned to acrylics and even some of our artists have tinkered with this medium. However, as many die-hards would argue, acrylics cannot come close to matching the imagery possible with oil paints. There is a certain depth and luminicity inherent in this age-old medium.

The original oil paintings we offer make perfect examples of the majesty of this medium. We offer our visitors and collectors first choice as our artists release their finest new and exciting works. These original oil paintings from our master artists are one-of-a-kind, unique works that are unmatched anywhere, in quality and originality.

Our oil painting are also shipped in their own reusable, puncture-resistant, protective shipping case to safeguard your investment.

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Louisiana Landscapes and Horse Paintings

Among several genres, some of our artists produce several exquisite landscape paintings and beautiful paintings of horses. Some of these painted scenes are unique to Louisiana while others may be set in neighboring Texas and other areas. Majestic oaks and dark, murky bayous - classic scenes of our area, expertly portrayed on canvas.

Figurative Works and Portraits

The human form has been a perpetual and challenging subject for many fine artists from ancient times. We have a growing collection of figurative oil paintings, some featuring dancers, some Classic Greek forms, as well as various candid portraits.

Modern Contemporary Abstract Art

Many of our original oil paintings are abstract in nature, from Abstract Expressionism, Cubism and perhaps some bordering Minimalism here and there. Some of these are reminiscent of the modern abstract art movement but rather have their own unique style and our contemporary artist make intriguing visual statements all their own.

Our Three Artist Brothers

Galerie Verdun is the collaborative effort of three artist brothers, each one an artist in their own right, with distinctly different styles of work as well as differing subject matter.

Curtis Verdun

Curtis Verdun in his art studio
"All great art is due to the abstraction process."

Fully embracing this idea of "art by abstraction", Curtis, the eldest of the Three Artist Brothers, aims to recreate or reassemble the exciting and inspiring images he either sees around him or what he can conjure up from his own imagination. His impasto works offer an astounding and dramatic "rhythm of texture" along with intriguing and powerful color compositions.

Curtis uses painting knives almost exclusively for many of his recent abstracts and even much of his landscape paintings. They offer the artist the means by which he achieves such dramatic and intense textures, but they are also instrumental in creating the surpringly smooth tonal transitions contrasted against those textures.

Being very creative and freethinking, Curtis is also developing a wildly original series of paintings incorporating canvas shapes other than the simple rectangle. These include hexagons, triangular canvases and even more odd and dynamic shapes. The amazing one-of-a-kind 'Encapsulism' series is a very unique and exciting addition to our gallery.

Quincy Verdun - Classic Figurative Works

Read Quincy Verdun's biography and artist statement

Being an excellent draftsman, as evidenced by his many fine sculptures and drawings, and with a keen sense of color, line and form, Quincy creates rather curious and distinctive abstract and figurative paintings. Many of his images have some degree of surrealism and also some symbolism, capturing your attention away from the dreamy lyrical forms and bold joyous colors. His oil paintings and drawings are truly one-of-a-kind and are increasingly popular among our collectors.

Of the 3 artist brothers, Quincy has focused the most on more figurative subject matter and has also created quite a bit of sculptures and paper casts.

Be sure to check out his most recent series in the gallery, "Portraits and Figures: Portals to the Soul" hosting an astounding array of exquisite figurative works not to be missed. This series was inspired by the unique figures portrayed by Amedeo Modigliani and the fauve colors of Paul Gauguin, both of whose works are greatly admired by Quincy.

Leon Verdun - Abstract Oil Paintings

Read Leon Verdun's biography and artist statement

Just when you thought Abstract Expressionism had long been dead and there was nothing new to see - here comes Leon Verdun, the youngest of the 3 artist brothers. His fantastic imagery is wildly refreshing and subtly mesmerizing at the same time. Leon has become a veritable master in the traditional oil medium.

Don't believe me? Enter some of his online galleries and explore a whole new wondrous world through the 'chromatic syncopation' of his breathtaking abstract oil paintings. These series of works feature carefully orchestrated color harmonies and intriguing compositions. The imagery will mesmerize any viewer. Various passages in his paintings appear effortless but also mysteriously complex.

Over many years, Leon has painstakingly developed his own specialized techniques, originally in acrylics and then in oils, in order to produce these remarkable works.