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Abstract Art Isn’t Really Art!

There was significant turbulence during the emergence of Modernism in the 1890s and especially Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s, similar to the trouble Impressionism faced and most other major revolutionary art movements.

And then the dust settled, followed by a better understanding or at least a certain degree of acceptance of the new ideas.

But, today, after several decades, there are still some that insist that art equates to skill and that modern abstract art is a disgraceful mockery of all that is right and good in the art realm.

These ideas are utterly ridiculous! Have we forgotten what art is?

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Art IS Abstract!

Why would I say that, “Art IS Abstract”?

Well, in my opinion, the only way anything qualifies as art is that it is abstract. To the degree that an image has been diverted from displaying simple reality, but altered and manipulated to present a new perspective of the subject, abstracted from reality – to that degree, it becomes art.

As long as the artist employs image manipulation for the definite purpose of making his artistic statement and it is perceived and accepted by an audience – to that extent it is art.

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God: The Great Abstract Artist

Created in His Image

You might pride yourself on being a rather creative abstract artist and you wanted to produce an exceptionally original and creative work, maybe some installation abstract art. So you took your dog and painted his snout red and blue and said, “Look at my new abstract installation art!

I’m so original.”

You may be disappointed to discover that that clever work had already been done. The original Artist did this using the baboon. (He also has a sense of humor.)

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