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Are Photographers Artists?

Sure, they may very well be. A good photographer might even be a better artist than a skilled photo-realist painter. That may sound shocking but it’s absolutely true.

Let’s imagine the following experiment.

On location, present a landscape scene to a fine art photographer and a photo-realist painter and ask each of them to produce their best work of art.

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Abstract Art is Not Without Rules

Abstract art? A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.
— Al Capp.

I would like to dispel the somewhat common belief that abstract painters are sloppy, messy, reckless renegades with no regard for rules and formalities. I realize that not everyone shares that sentiment and if you’re not one of them, please excuse the following rant.

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Why Abstract?

Why does abstract art even exist? Who started it? Does it serve a purpose?

I see abstract art as having greater freedom and more passion. Today, the term “abstract art” is used quite differently than it was originally. Quite literally, abstract art refers to “abstraction” from reality, or “to carefully depict a certain aspect of the subject not readily apparent otherwise.” Today we refer to any non-figurative or non-representational art as being abstract and some fail to realize that even impressionism is really abstract by the purest definition.

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