The Value of Abstract Art

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I have strong feelings and offer plenty of argument for abstract art and plenty to say against any idea of its illegitimacy.

Recently, I realized that most of my readers (or even collectors or writers who advocate abstract art), actually fail to understand the full implication of what I’m saying about abstract art.

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The Validity of Abstract Art

Today, far too many are still suspicious about the motives of abstract artists and question the validity of their work. Many will want to dismiss Abstract Art as some lesser art form, as though it is secondary to Realism. Sadly, I feel they miss the point entirely.

As humans, we constantly feel the urge to express ourselves, and simple words are never enough. We search out other more effective means of expression. We employ the use of sound, movement and images. So, for visual expression, does photography or Photo-Realism suffice? No, our intensely deep and emotional spiritual selves can’t survive with simple words, sound or images.

We need something more!

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Abstract Artists, Every one of us!

Each and every one of us is an abstract artist?


“How so?” you might ask. “I don’t even draw or paint!”

To me the most simplistic definition of art is the “creative expression of an idea or emotion”. We are all capable of creative expression. We creatively express ourselves on a daily basis. We do it when we speak, laugh, tell a joke, sing, draw, design, dress, cook, paint, dance, compose… We “paint” pictures with words, we move people to tears with poetry. It is often in a rather abstract manner.

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