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God: The Great Abstract Artist

Created in His Image

You might pride yourself on being a rather creative abstract artist and you wanted to produce an exceptionally original and creative work, maybe some installation abstract art. So you took your dog and painted his snout red and blue and said, “Look at my new abstract installation art!

I’m so original.”

You may be disappointed to discover that that clever work had already been done. The original Artist did this using the baboon. (He also has a sense of humor.)

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Abstract Artists, Every one of us!

Each and every one of us is an abstract artist?


“How so?” you might ask. “I don’t even draw or paint!”

To me the most simplistic definition of art is the “creative expression of an idea or emotion”. We are all capable of creative expression. We creatively express ourselves on a daily basis. We do it when we speak, laugh, tell a joke, sing, draw, design, dress, cook, paint, dance, compose… We “paint” pictures with words, we move people to tears with poetry. It is often in a rather abstract manner.

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