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The Color Red
Original Oil Paintings

Fine Oil Paintings
Celebrating the Color Red

The Color Red series celebrates the vibrant and lively nature of the color red.

Mostly abstract and nonobjective, these fine oil paintings explore the wide range of red hues, some explosive, some more subtle. Emphasis is usually on the contrast and interaction of red with other colors. Many of these abstract works include a faint hint of green in obscure areas of the composition offering a sense of duality or an antagonistic relationship with the fiery reds.

In nature, the South Louisiana landscape included, the color red is elusive. You may see a cardinal flitter by or you might see a red-winged blackbird or a ruby-throated hummingbird. Perhaps you can spot some wild strawberries or the bright red maple leaves in the fall. But mostly, it's here a little, there a little. Is that by design? Of course. The color red is indeed a powerful color.

So, in his oil paintings, Curtis is careful not to go overboard with his use of the color red. It is so easy to appear as though you're yelling. More often, you'll see reds in his works as you see it in nature, sparingly and with purpose. Other times, yes, he's screaming it out loud!

These original oil paintings are signed by the artist and each one is accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.