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Leon Verdun: Original Abstract Paintings

Artist Biography

Leon Verdun - Fine Artist
Leon Verdun - Fine Artist

Born in 1969 in South Louisiana, the youngest of the three artist brothers, Leon Verdun has, from an early age, always enjoyed his keen ability to draw and paint. Equally adept in producing portraits, abstract art and non-figurative works, he endeavored to develop his skills further by getting some formal education.

While studying at the Art Institute of Houston, Leon began painting more abstract paintings and non-figurative works in mixed-media. He soon developed his own unique style of image using particular techniques in the acrylic medium.

Later, Leon had effectively migrated his exquisite painting techniques into the medium of oils. While his latest oil paintings reveal that nothing is lost moving to this new medium, his work now has so much more depth and intense colors and interesting textures.

After receiving his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, he began devoting more attention to his passion for painting abstracts. His unique and remarkable sense of design allows him to create impressive images on his canvases. Amidst his bold and confident passages are many softer subtle tones, providing an interesting, dramatic contrast and additional mystique to the powerful images of this Louisiana artist. When you peruse through his works, you see that Leon's abstract paintings have many unique qualities not found in typical acrylic works or even fine oil paintings.

If you would like to inquire about any of his current works, upcoming projects or would like to a new or similar painting to those offered here, please feel free to contact Leon Verdun.