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Glossary of Art Terms: 'D'

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deckle edge

The irregular edge of handmade paper formed in a deckle, which refers to the frame or 'fence' that retains the paper material and forms the edges of the paper.


The technique of decorating surfaces with paper cutouts, and then coating them with varnish. The term is also used to refer to the work produced by this technique. Usually considered a craft, it can be used as a method of finishing a fine art print since the support and materials can be of archival quality. This can be a fresh alternative to the usual look of framed art.


An artwork having two panels either hinged together, or simply displayed as a pair. The works can be hung edge to edge or with some space between them depending on the intent. Works designed this way can be very striking and being a diptych offers an additional compositional element. See also triptych.


In the strictest sense, drawing refers to the depiction of shapes and forms by means of lines only. This is in contrast to the terms sketching, shading, rendering and painting. Loosely, drawing can also refer to virtually any image created by pencils, inks, chalk or pastels and may include color and shading.