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Glossary of Art Terms: 'S'

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A three-dimensional work of art. Such works may be carved, modeled, cast or otherwise constructed or assembled using a variety of materials.


Refers to a silk-screen Fine Art print, usually a limited edition series. These prints are created by the silk-screen process using poster inks and are typically matted and framed under glass like other fine art prints and watercolor works.


A process of printmaking using a fine screen mesh through which ink is applied to printing surface. Parts of the screen are blocked in various ways in order to control the flow of ink. Multiple passes with differently prepared screens and different colors are used to develop the final image. Silk-screened art prints are also referred to as serigraphs.


A quick, loose drawing done to capture only the general form and composition without much detail. Sketches are often done for planning compositions, color schemes and also in preparation for larger, more detailed works of art.


A visual art genre where relatively small objects are arranged, usually in a natural setting, and typically painted life-size. Subjects can be quite varied but commonly have included books, flowers, fruit, fabrics, jars and other objects. Still-life painting flourished among Dutch painters of the seventeenth century. Jean Chardin was the most universally admired painter of still-life works. Chardin painted many pictures of everyday items, including kettles, vegetables, and earthenware vessels, with superb modeling of color, light, and texture.


A wooden frame over which the canvas of a painting is stretched. Since rectangular stretchers are easier to construct, they are much more common. However, they can be any shape, including oval, round, octagon, hexagonal and other shapes. The edges of the canvas are usually attached to the stretcher with either copper tacks or staples.


The building or room where an artist produces his artwork and also where he studies, and perhaps teaches and conducts artist's workshops.