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Giclee Canvas Prints

What is a Giclee?

A giclee refers to a type of printed reproduction of original works of art, photographs or digital art. The giclee printing process is done on large-format ink-jet printers using 8 to 11 pigment-based archival inks which provide for much richer colors than traditional offset lithography printing. The pigment inks are resistant to UV and tests have indicated that they should be expected to last for many decades if not more.

The quality, durability and longevity of giclee prints have made them the accepted standard for fine art reproductions. Going one step further, they can also be successfully applied to a canvas substrate in order to mimic the original oil painting. As such, the print can be displayed without the required glass typically used for lithographs.

Giclee prints, including giclee canvas prints, differ from hand-pulled serigraphs or etchings as they are, in a sense, mechanized and have none of the inherent value as true fine art prints do. Nor do they have any real value stemming from being limited, since they don't possess physically degrading qualities like etching plates or silk screens. Giclee prints are digital prints and unless artificially limited by the artist or publisher, there is no limit as to how many can be printed. Rather than inadvertently implying that our limited-edition prints have investment value, which limited-edition prints rarely do, we simply offer open-edition prints.

Unlike many giclee print publishers, who actually stretch their prints on fixed strainers that don't offer the ability to retension the canvas, all of our canvas prints are stretched on genuine Fat Canvas stretchers. These are the same heavy-duty, specially designed stretcher bars used for fine original paintings. These bars are hand-crafted and untilize double mortise/tenon joints for the utmost corner strength and stability and to allow over-sized keys to keep the canvas taut.

Detailed, High-Resolution Images

Most of the digital images we use to print our giclee canvas prints have more than 150 megapixels and the files are over a gigabyte each! They provide an incredible amount of detail and tonal integrity for the best prints imaginable. Even at close distance, it will not be easily distinguishable from the original painting. The extra inks available on the latest Epson printers provide a much greater dynamic range as well as more accurate tonal subtleties, better matching the original.

Choose from Several Sizes

Keeping the same ratio to avoid cropping the image, we offer our giclee canvas prints in several sizes to suit your needs, starting with the size of the original down to 12", or sometimes smaller. In order to stay true to the original image, we avoid making prints larger than the original artwork.

We also offer 2 canvas depths to choose from, a thinner 1" depth and also a 1 1/2" depth for a more substantial appearance. Both depths are gallery-wrapped and the edges are painted black. This way, framing is not necessary but that's entirely up to you.

In addition, if you would like to save on shipping costs, you could order the giclee canvas print unstretched. It can then be easily stretched when it arrives. This could be done by your local framer or by yourself if you're so inclined and have the tools and know-how. Lastly, we can also ship the giclee canvas print only without the bars at all, if you would like.

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