Galerie Verdun, Fine Art Gallery
Galerie Verdun, Fine Art Gallery
Art is the only means by which one soul can truly touch another.
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The following list of works is sorted showing newest works first. Return often to see the latest Classic Figurative works and abstract oil paintings by these Louisiana artists.

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The Precipice
"The Precipice"
added: 6/23/10
Window Jaune
"Window Jaune"
added: 6/23/10
Window Crepuscule
"Window Crepuscule"
added: 6/23/10
Thoughts and Dreams of Eden
"Thoughts and Dreams of Eden"
added: 6/19/10
Early One Morning
"Early One Morning"
added: 6/19/10
Windows Soleil II
"Windows Soleil II"
added: 6/17/10
The New Eden
"The New Eden"
added: 6/17/10
Window Crepuscule II
"Window Crepuscule II"
added: 6/2/10
Sunrise Indigenes
"Sunrise Indigenes"
added: 5/16/10
Portrait in Blue Room
"Portrait in Blue Room"
added: 5/15/10
Young Girl with Green Apples
"Young Girl with Green Apples"
added: 5/4/10
The Vineyard Worker
"The Vineyard Worker"
added: 3/18/10
Woman with Dog and Flowers
"Woman with Dog and Flowers"
added: 2/19/10
Mother with Child
"Mother with Child"
added: 2/2/10
Hard Day
"Hard Day"
added: 6/13/05
Perpetual Fire
"Perpetual Fire"
added: 3/2/05
The Bronco
"The Bronco"
added: 12/5/04
added: 2/24/04
added: 2/18/04
added: 1/15/04

Galerie Verdun, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
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